The value that Cynthia brings to your organization is over twenty years of experience assisting organizations.  She specializes in certain kinds of problems that are economically impossible for a full-time staff of employees. Her experience with a broad range of clients makes her a significant, cost effective addition to your improvement efforts.
If your organization finds itself gradually being pushed into an indefensible market position, needing to reduce operational costs and seeing employees and managers overloaded and burnt-out, then process evaluation might be just what you need.


Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital

CODAC Health Recovery Wellness

Education & Training for Clinical Staff

Cynthia Potter

University of Arizona

Strategic Planning Curriculum Development

The Haven for Women

Residential Treatment for Addiction Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

"In the spirit of customer satisfaction, Cynthia has always offered her clients a 100% money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with her work.  She has never, ever, had anyone take her up on her offer!"

“The results have been significant by any measure.  Our initial investment in the improvement effort was repaid in the first six months; a benefit/cost ratio of 3:1 occurred in the first year.  The net benefit to Cooperative Power of this effort is estimated at over $2 million for the first year with increasing amounts projected in subsequent years.”

-Coal Creek Station, Great River Energy

“You were extremely professional, gracious and warm.  Your demeanor and countenance elevated the entire project.  Your easy relaxed communication with the executives was also hugely comforting to me.  You easily gained their trust and it was evident that the executives placed high value and credibility on your remarks.”

“Cynthia Potter has conducted all-employee Tools and Concepts workshops for us over the past 24 months.  Each of the participants who took this two-day training were asked to evaluate the training experience.  All of the evaluations were consistent in their praise for the material, the learning experience and the competence of the trainer. Company personnel were able to apply the process improvement tools effectively, though they had been trained by Cindy over two years earlier.  The surveys also indicate that the training style makes the training experience enjoyable.”

-Network Systems

Client Testimonials:

“Our work with Cindy Potter has been extremely diverse in approach; and this flexibility has assisted us in addressing nearly any area in need, with competent and trusted consulting."
  -New Morning Windows

The Science of Management combined with the

Science of Psychology makes Cynthia's Approach Unique:

  • Developing new programs and systems is her passion
  • A master at analyzing the situation and quicly focusing on the levers that matter most
  • Cynthia has built strong, collaborative teams that have been wildly successful!
  • Using neuroscience makes the management of change almost painless
  • Cynthia is a motivational speaker and has been featured by:
    • Wake Forest University
    • Duke University 
    • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
    • University of Arizona
    • General Dynamics
    • Arizona Association for the Suicide Prevention
    • International Association for Suicide Prevention
    • Department of Defense
    • Davis Monthan Airforce Base
    • North American Society of Adlerian Psychologists
    • U.S. Steel